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“Here’s How You Can Learn
The Brutally Efficient Fighting Techniques of Muay Thai,
Quickly & Easily!”

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To find out how you can now become a student of Muay Thai kickboxing no matter where you live and whether you want it just for fitness, as a means of gaining confidence or to become a fighter in Muay Thai or MMA read on, because this could be the most important message that you ever read…

When it comes to striking Muay Thai is probably the most efficient and brutal of the martial arts

…and people from all over the world are flocking to learn this incredibly explosive fighting system.

We have been asked by many people where they can find a good Muay Thai training gym that teaches authentic Muay Thai. There are a lot of rip-off martial artists out there claiming to teach Muay Thai when all it is is Karate kicks with basic boxing punches.

Many have found a good place only to find that it is more dedicated to fighters.

You may be considering travelling to Thailand and learning from the place of origin. Unfortunately tracking down good training facilities over there where Westerners can learn is difficult and expensive. In addition the amount of material you learn and the quality of instruction varies widely. I know because myself and my students have travelled there many times.

It is with this in mind that we at Ultimate Fighting Systems have developed this complete Online Muay Thai Training Course for all of you who do not have ready access to quality Muay Thai training tuition.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced Muay Thai practitioner you will find this resource will give you everything that you need to develop an awesome stand-up striking game

Learn both fundamental and advanced movements and strategies that will help you develop a technically sound and proficient striking game – both for Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Online Training will become the only resource you will rely on, along with gym time and a qualified instructor, to develop a mastery of Muay Thai.

The first Training Course –Muay Thai Essentials –is a 6 month package which covers all aspects from absolute beginner up to intermediate students and will give you a solid foundation in the main techniques, combinations and counters of Muay Thai.

Each week you will receive access to detailed video lessons, taught by Geoff, a qualified and experienced coach, who has trained for over 27 years and trained thousands of people in Muay Thai including several National, International and World Champions.

…and as a member you will recieve ongoing support through email coaching – that is, if you have any questions or problems relating to your training just email Geoff and he will answer you personally, sharing his entire 27 years of experience in the Muay Thai game.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what others have to say about what they have learned…

Since 1996 I have trained with some of the worlds best martial artists in the UK, USA and throughout Australasia and Geoff at the Academy of Combat definately rates as one of the best.

 Geoff’s technical knowledge regarding martial arts is second to none, yet he has an ability to teach seemingly complex ideas in an easy to understand and no-nonsense way.

 Whether you want to train just for exercise, truly master a real fighting art for self defence or train to compete at national and international levels, I’d highly recommend you seek out Geoff”

A. Fayter, Muay Thai student, NLP & Neurosemantics Trainer

“I started up at the Academy of Combat with my brother when I was 16. The reason for wanting to start up kickboxing was because my brother and I were tired of being bullied at school and walking around scared of certain people and wanted self confidence. Previous to starting at the academy I had done no sort of martial art before and never had a single fight in and outside of school.
The Academy was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s one huge big family that take you in, look after you and help you become better. It’s run by the Head Chief Instructor Dr Geoff Aitken who not only is a BJJ Black Belt he is also a certified trainer, referee and judge in Muay Thai.
This is what separates the Academy from everywhere else as it is rare to find a teacher who has a respectable background in both martial arts. Over the 2 and half years of training here I have gained a Purple Patch in Muay Thai and Green Belt in MMA.
I have also travelled over to Thailand recently to learn more about Muay Thai and stayed at a Muay Thai and MMA camp.
I was straight away assessed and put into the Advance ring for Muay Thai and Intermediate MMA class. The skills I learned from the Academy allowed me not only to last sparring rounds with talented and advanced people form all over the world it allowed me to dominate them. For example, I rolled with Scotland’s under 65 Kg White Belt BBJ Champ and was able to submit him twice in 5 minutes and submit numerous blue Belts from around the world.
I also had my first pro Thai fight over there against a Thai who had had 50 fights and was bigger than me. I won by knocking him out in the fifth round.
So it’s proof that the Academy of Combat offers world class training here in Christchurch. I made friends for life here, I don’t walk around afraid and scared anymore and was able to defend myself a couple of months ago whe a guy tried assaulting me. I was able to put him to sleep with a submission choke which I learnt here and I never thrugh a punch. The Academy of Combat was truly the best thing that ever happened to me and my brother and I recommend it to anyone.”

Hayden Smith, Muay Thai fighter 

You get the entire 6 months Muay Thai training course

for only $14.95/ month during which you can cancel at any time.

That’s a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay to train at a Muay Thai training camp even locally not to mention travelling to Thailand.

And so that you can get a taste for the information first you get the 1st 2 weeks free, in which you will learn:

  • The basic stance and Footwork in Muay Thai.
  • How to execute the most powerful round kick in martial arts, the Thai Round kick, that will enable you to literally smash your opponents.

—and a whole lot more.

Then after that you’ll continue to receive weekly lessons for another 24 weeks that will give you all that you need to master the incredible fighting system of Muay Thai.

After that if you want to continue we have another 6 month course that will give you every drill and advanced combination and technique that will lift your game to the highest level.

So get started today – just click here or on the Join tab – at the top of the page and we’ll send you your first lessons immediately.

Also make sure that you browse the articles on the site to learn more about Muay Thai and sign up for our Newsletter in which we send you great Muay thai Training Tips each week that will really lift your game to a new level.

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