Basic Tips On Becoming a Better Muay Thai Fighter

kick boxing traing, Muay Thai kicksIt doesn’t matter what your goal is in learning Muay Thai. You may plan on becoming a professional in the sport. Or, you may just want to get in better shape and have more confidence and stamina. Either way, learning Muay Thai can be exciting. Here are some tips of the trade to make you a better Muay Thai fighter.

First and foremost is to find a gym that specializes in Muay Thai and a trainer that does as well. Due to its steady increase in popularity, most major cities have these gyms. You should find one fairly close to your location no matter where you live.

Even so, be sure to verify the trainer’s qualifications and expertise. In addition find out whether the gym and trainers’ approach to training aligns with your goals, e.g. does it focus on competition or the art as a lifestyle.

Nutrition is a very important factor in your continued success and growth in Muay Thai training. You don’t have to go on a special diet or count calories. But, it is imperative to your health and stamina that you develop a habit of eating a healthy well balanced diet and staying hydrated with plenty of water. If you do that, you will be able to increase your strength and stamina gradually. You will also find your body can recover faster after every training session.

Which brings up another point, it is important that you do two things. You must properly warm up with stretches and cardio exercises before the training sessions. By warming up a good 20 minutes prior to your drills, you will have more stamina as well as fewer injuries and down time. The second thing is to cool down afterwards. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes stretching after the workout. That will keep your joints supple and help your heart rate return to normal. You will be less tired the rest of the day.
Flexibility training is also a key ingredient. The more flexible you can become, the better your balance, stance and technique will be. That means conditioning your body as often as you can. Just don’t overstrain yourself. Take it slow and build. Running, jogging, swimming are all good conditioning, aerobic exercises.

Learn how to use free weights but make sure that you opt for lighter weights with more repetition than heavier ones that may cause straining. In Muay Thai, resistance training will be your new best friend to help you develop muscle which increases strength, explosiveness and the ability to sustain damage. But just as equally important is to make sure your body and mind have rest. Give yourself at least one day off a week and do not be overzealous in the beginning. Discipline yourself and learn to listen to your body.

Of course, a big part of training will be sparring with other students. This may seem scary at first, but under supervision, it is the best way for you and your trainer to measure your success and see what areas need more work. Always start slow and work at about 60% power with a training partner of similar level. Be sure and respect each other’s technique and remember it’s training you are sparring to learn how to apply your fighting techniques under the pressure of real fighting conditions.

But the most essential point is the last one – have fun. If Muay Thai is not fun, you’ll not be as motivated. So loosen up, relax and learn. The best way to become a better Muay Thai fighter is to be a loyal one always wanting to strive to be better in training, in sparring and in overall health.

Vary the intensity levels of your training. If you train at full intensity for long periods day after day you will vary quickly over-train and burn out. Ensure that you give yourself adequate rest and recovery time to restore your energy levels.

Balance your training with the other aspects of your life; do not neglect relationship and careers for your training, it is but one aspect of your life and as such should compliment your life, not rule!

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