Coaching Tips for Muay Thai Fights in the Ring.

A Muay Thai fighter soon learns that combat sport is more than executing the techniques properly. Soon, the student will fight against a determined and skilled opponent inside the ring and is expected to give their all in order to win. Skills alone will not win the fight. In Muay Thai, it’s all about controlling your opponent and also controlling the outcome of the match.

So, here are a few tips for becoming a better Muay Thai fighter. If you follow them, you will have a huge advantage over your opponent inside the ring and win more matches.

These are just a sample of some of the coaching tips that you will find in the Muay Thai online course that you can join by clicking on the Join tab above.

1)  Never take your eyes off your opponent. Train yourself to not cast your eyes where you are going to strike next. If you do, your opponent who is watching you will have time to protect and defend that area of their body. So you must try and keep eye contact with them at all times during a Muay Thai fight, or look at an area you are not targeting in order to confuse them.

 During Muay Thai training and fighting focus on the centerline of your opponent, allowing your peripheral vision to take in the whole body, and develop the ability to respond to cues from your peripheral vision as your peripheral vision is very perceptive to movement. This allows for very rapid detection of strike cues facilitating quick and efficient defense and counter.

2) The next tip is to not tense up your muscles before you are about to make contact with your strike. If you do, your opponent may be able to anticipate your strikes, avoid them and then counter them, forcing you onto the defense. In addition by being relaxed your antagonistic muscle groups you will not impede your agonist muscle groups resulting in very rapid and powerful responses. So the key is to appear relaxed at all times, then strike swiftly. This takes discipline and practice that you should be constantly drilling during your Muay Thai training.

3) The more aggressive person in the Muay Thai ring will most likely be the winner. You must not stay in a defensive attitude for long. If forced on to the defense comeback quickly and turn your game back on to the offensive – learn to use your Jab and Clinch during Muay Thai training to get you out of trouble and back onto the attack.

 4) Judge your opponent well. For example, if he or she is taller, fight up close instead at a distance. That gives you more of an advantage because they won’t be able to execute full motion kicks and punches. By controlling the range you control the striking ability of your opponent and what he/she can use. The closer in, the fewer weapons your opponent has available.

5) Try to take gain control of the Muay Thai bout by not providing the opportunity for your opponent to use their favorite move. Take your opponent off their game-plan, unbalance them physically, mentally and spiritually by interrupting and thwarting their attacks. This can have a real psychological impact during the fight and put your opponent at a disadvantage.

If you keep these things in mind during your Muay Training you will develop a very powerful Muay Thai fighting ability and take your training way beyond just doing Muay Thai Techniques.

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