How Learning Muay Thai Will Improve Your Fighting Ability.

Muay drills, Muay Thai kicks, Thai kick boxing trainingMuay Thai boxing is a martial art which originally came from Thailand. But today, you can find Muay Thai training gyms all over the world. It is the most efficient and brutal striking martial art that is contested as a combat sport. Why? Because a Muay Thai fighter uses almost the entire body, including the fists, feet, elbows, and knees, to attack and defend.

In the past, the head was also used in attacks. But because it is so deadly, the updated rules in Muay Thai has now made it illegal for fighters to engage in head butts in competition.

Striking in Muay Thai is fast, efficient and powerful. The basic punching techniques in Muay Thai training include punching moves similar to boxing, such as jabs, straight right or cross, hooks, and uppercuts.

In addition there is a large repertoire of elbow strikes that are particularly lethal in close. Used to strike, cut and knockout full motion elbow strikes from all angles, such as horizontal, diagonal upwards, diagonal downwards, uppercut, backward spinning, downward, and flying are trained.

Kicking moves, such as push kick, full body round kicks, high and low administered with the shin as the striking area are also common techniques used to smash down and weaken the opponent. In addition the Muay Thai fighter is always looking to smash with knees that are the most powerful and damaging striking weapon in Muay Thai.

But a good deal of the fight is in close combat. Clinching is another skill learned in Muay Thai training. In regular Western boxing clinching is a defense move. But in Muay Thai, this type of attack can be offensive as well. Once a clinch has been attained the fighters grapple each other maneuvering to strike with knees and throw the opponent. This saps the other fighters’ strength and endurance weakening them and setting them up for the knockout.

A typical Muay Thai training session includes running, jumping rope, stretching, pad-work, shadow boxing, and of course, sparring in the ring with a partner. The fitness levels attained in Muay Thai training are very high and this makes Muay Thai training not only beneficial for those who want to compete in competition but for the average person male and female, alike of all ages who want a great method to get fit and learn a skill that will have effects as far-reaching as providing a means of self defense, weight management and giving them health benefits that ensure a long healthy and enjoyable life.

In addition martial artists from other systems can easily incorporate Muay traing and techniques into their training to improve their overall fighting ability. Muay Thai has been forged in competition and combat throughout it’s history which keeps it the forefront of combat striking methodology. This is even more evident now with many mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters including it in their fight game.

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