Muay Thai Kicks

High Muay Thai round kick to headIn this article we are going to look at a quick overview of the kicking techniques used in Muay Thai. This article won’t deal with knees as we’ll discuss those in another article.

The main purpose of kicking in Muay Thai is to smash the opponent and seriously reduce his/her ability to fight. Think of them as your heavy artillery that is going to weaken your opponent from a loner range and set him/her up for knockout strike with the hands.

If we can knock the opponent out or break ribs and legs all the better and, it is with this in mind, that you must train your Muay Thai kicks with full follow-through and maximum delivery of power.

The kick used most often is the round kick, this is a kick thrown with the whole body driving the shin into the opponent. As mentioned we normally strike with the shin using it like a baseball bat to smash through the opponent. This puts more weight and thus smashing power, into the kick and also avoids use of the foot which could get broken with the amount of force you can deliver with this kick. The most common targets are the body and legs. This seriously slows the opponent by accumulating damage and making the opponent more susceptible to a strike at the head, either by kicks, knees, elbows or punches, for a knockout.  

Then there are the front kicks which are thrown straight forward at the advancing opponent. The most used variation of this Muay Thai kick is the probe kick. It is normally thrown with the lead leg and acts as a foot jab striking with the ball or flat of the foot; it is used for measuring distance, setting up other strikes and stopping the opponent’s advance in preparation for a counter-attack.

In addition to the basic front and round kicks there are many variations of these Muay Thai kicks that allow them to be thrown at various ranges from long to close range, thus maximizing their value.

There are also many other Muay Thai kicks that are used to a lesser extent; the spinning hook and back kicks are used against a tired or continually advancing opponent as a surprise attack sometimes. They can also be used following a missed round kick taking advantage of the turning follow-through.

A variation on the side kick thrown from the front on stance position is also trained as is the axe kick that comes up for the side and strikes hard down from the head.

The main points to keep in mind with Muay Thai kicks is that they are fast, powerful and must use the most efficient body mechanics so that they have little telegraph and can be recovered from quickly in order to continually press the attack and beat the opponent.

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