Training For Muay Thai Online

Muay Thai is an incredible martial art and sport that addresses many areas of physical and mental conditioning. Muay Thai martial arts practitioners that want to achieve the highest levels and fight in competition need to train extremely intensely. For the average person who wants to learn Muay Thai for fitness and confidence, the training although not as intense, will develop a great lifestyle providing health and confidence benefits that will greatly enhance their lives.

Whether you are someone who just wants to learn Muay Thai training for fitness and confidence or if you want to be a fighter then you will include several training methods in your Muay training to give you a fully rounded training program. If you are learning Muay Thai online or trying to learn it from a DVD, because you don’t have access to a school, you must include these training methods in your program.

1) Running: If you want to get the most out of training Muay Thai techniques then you must run. Running increases your cardio-stamina and aids in conditioning your legs for movement and kicking.
A recommended running schedule for training is 3 x 3mile (5km) runs per week. As you get stronger and faster include a series of sprints in the run as the intensity will really lift the cardio-stamina.
2) Skipping: The first thing that you should start all of your training sessions with, whether you train at a school or train yourself using the Muay Thai online program, is skipping rope. This is an excellent warm up exercise that develops your cardio-stamina, footwork agility, endurance and calf strength.
When you skip you want to bounce lightly on the balls of the feet and shift your weight from foot to foot so that you train the transference of your bodyweight that, in turn, will develop a very keen sense of balance and agility in your footwork.
3) Shadowboxing: In this Muay Thai training routine we practice the Muay Thai techniques as if we are fighting an imaginary opponent. This develops our coordination, balance and, especially, combination flow.
To get the most from shadowboxing practice it in front of a mirror and use full range movements and practice your techniques from every angle, always moving.
4) Partner Drilling: Working the pads with a competent pad man is absolutely essential for you to develop your techniques. Drilling on the pad s develops you striking power, sense of distance and most importantly, your timing. The pad man must move in and out of range drawing your attacks to develop your timing. The pad man must also throw strikes at you, with the pads, to develop your defensive ability.
5) Heavy Bag training: Use the heavy bag to develop power in your strikes. Work the bag by learning to “dance with the bag”, this is done by swinging the bag and striking it from different angles so that you develop your movement and again sense of timing. This is most important to improve the power in your punches and kicks with your hands, shins, elbows, and knees. In addition, it is an excellent Muay Thai training technique to develop your stamina; work 3 – 5 rounds of 2 and 3 minutes each with 1 minute rest periods.
6) Speed ball: Both the hanging and the top and bottom suspended ball provide great additional training aids that help improve coordination and strengthen your shoulders. The purpose is to add more power to your punches and give your more endurance in your upper body striking ability.
7) Free weights: This will build the lean muscles needed to endure the intense kicks and punches common in Muay Thai. Do resistance training for your core muscles using dumbbells or barbells, but, go for lighter weights with more repetitions. Training with heavier weights maybe great for bodybuilding, but it’s not for boxing. In addition, tend more towards sport specific types of exercises that will complement the movements that your strikes make.
8) Sparring with your training partner: If you are serious about your training, and certainly if you want to be a fighter, then sparring is extremely important. This is where you learn to apply all that you’ve learned so that you develop a strong fighting game plan. It will also help teach you how to control your opponent and how to not be controlled by them.
So, as you can see, these eight routines take a great deal of stamina. You need to be in very good shape to practice Muay Thai techniques. If you aren’t, that is a goal to reach because Muay Thai training will help you, not only lose weight and gain muscle but, defend yourself extremely effectively as well.

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